Monday, February 15, 2010

Heave away, Carnival of the Blue No. 33

Heave away, me hearties! Check out Carnival of the Blue No. 33, the Sea Shanty edition. Now live at Deep-Sea News. Thanks, Miriam!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monthly Invitations to Carnival of the Blue

It appears there is confusion over how to use the submission form. Or maybe a lack of awareness that it exists? As an alternative, I am setting up a mail list and campaign system to help with sending monthly email reminders.

To get the latest reminders and updates about the Carnival of the Blue, sign up using the link below. This service will send you about two notices a month. The first will be a reminder about future Carnivals and participation procedures. The second will be an update when the latest Carnival of the Blue is posted. Previous Carnival of the Blue participants will be added to the system automatically. However, if you wish to be removed from the system, please reply to dotoftheblue @ gmail . com and let me know or use the Unsubscribe features included with the system. This is a spam-free list. You only get bacn.