Monday, April 7, 2008

Carnival of the blue schedule

February 5 - The other 95%

March 3 - Kate Wing Switchboard

April 7 - Zooillogix

May 5 - The Oyster's garter

June 2 - blogfish

July 7 - The Blue Economy

August 4 - Sea Notes

September 1 - The Saipan Blog アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ

October 6 -

November 3 - Deep-Sea News

December 1 - WaterNotes

January 5 - Biomes Blog

image: Kevin Sherry's book "I'm the biggest thing in the ocean."


aquaken said...

Sea Notes Blog at the Monterey Bay Aquarium would be glad to take the July 7 slot. (If that works best for another blogger, we're flexible and could pick up August or September dates, too.)

Kevin Z said...

Sign up Deep Sea News for your next available slot too. We'll make it happen!

scubatripp said...

Am I too late for this months carnival

A local fisherman catch of the day. Two one hundred pound Napoleon wrasse taken from popular dive spot.

Author mike tripp