Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sign up to host the carnival

We need some rambunctious hosts for the next year. Angelo has already claimed Sep 2010, otherwise wide open.

Dates (first Monday of each month):

Nov 2, 2009
Dec 7, 2009
Jan 4, 2009

etc. you get the picture.

Please sign up in the comments below


Mark Powell said...

I'll take June 2010 for blogfish.

Christie Lynn said...

I'll take December at Observations of a Nerd - I'd take November, but I've got all kinds of grant apps and school stuff and the like due that first week of November, so I'm gonna be a bit busy :)

Jason Robertshaw said...

Oh, for the love of science! Allie has signed up for November. Thank you.

Anyone else who is interested in future months, leave a comment here. First come, first reserved.

November - Allie

December - Christie

January - ___________

February - ___________

March - ___________

April - ___________

May - ___________

June - Mark

Jason Robertshaw said...

Monterey Bay Aquarium ha signed up for January. And I neglected to mention in the comment above that Angelo has September.

Since February is the month of Darwin's birthday, it would be auspicious if a Darwin-related blog took that month (nudge, nudge).

Still plenty of other dates, so step on up folks.