Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Upcoming Carnivals

diamonhead ocean view
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Carnival of the Blue No. 31 is approaching. It will be hosted at Christie's Observations of a Nerd and is scheduled for December 7.

You can send submissions either directly to dotoftheblue @ gmail . com, or use the handy new submission form at blogcarnival.com. Remember to include:

- post URL
- author name
- brief summary

I've been getting a couple of submissions via blogcarnival.com that are just links to news articles or Wikipedia entries. Just to reiterate, the intent of a blog carnival is to feature blogs and the Carnival of the Blue entries should be germane to the ocean.

January's carnival will be at The Monterey Bay Aquarium's SeaNotes. There are other blank dates for 2010. If you are interested and able to host the Carnival, please let leave a comment.

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